Urban Composition Write up

With the Urban Composition series Matthew steps away from conventional urban landscape. He is not interested in looking at the built environment holistically, instead he delves deeper, fragmenting streets and buildings; by removing everything in the peripheral vision and highlighting focal points, he offers us a more intimate view.

Stemming from the phrase “We are a product of our environment”, Matthew explores the dynamic and complex relationship we have with the urban landscape and how we perceive it. It has long been established that colour has the ability to affect our state of mind but less emphasis is applied to the effects of composition.

Despite symmetry being common place within the built environment, we generally see it from an asymmetrical perspective. It is this asymmetrical perspective, that Matthew is exploring with his Urban Compositions.

If a piece of art cannot satisfy the human’s recognition for symmetry, it will look strange and unbalanced. In turn, this will exert a negative feeling on the viewer and an inability to relate.” (Kristie Hack)

By removing the conventional boundaries of a canvas Matthew not only enhances the weight of the composition, he leaves the boundaries to be defined by the audience.

Urban Compositions Series 1

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