Response to Friars Walk – Painting

Just a few washes tomorrow to bind the colours and then some final detailing to emphasising the composition and it’s done. I’d love to have spent more time on the painting, but with the deadline for submission is on the 23rd I’ve had to call it..


Response to Friars Walk – Light Test.

Put the lights in temporarily this evening to get an idea of how they would look, also tested the lights through paint.. I’m quite happy how so far.

Response to Friars Walk – assembly.

I cut the components today, assembly next and paint..


Response to Friars Walk.. Illuminated.

Decided to go with lights after, they only increase the thickness of the piece by 9mm and I’ve being playing with the idea of self illuminating paintings for far to long not to give it a go.


So, good job I didn’t butcher this set of LED lights over Christmas.. New inline switch fitted and they’re good to go. Fingers crossed I can get the main composition parts cut tomorrow and everything assembled ready to paint start painting on the weekend 😉

Response to Friars Walk

That’s the basic composition complete. I just have to decide if I’m going to make it self illuminating now before cutting the pieces..Friars-Walk

Decisions decisions..

Response to Friars Walk

Finally making a start on my submission as a response to the new Friars walk shopping centre in Newport.


Apparently this is also evidence that I do work..